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Want to WIN 4 tickets to the INDIANAPOLIS HOME SHOW?

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Family Fun!

Looking for something fun to do with your family?  Visit a local apple orchard!  We love Anderson’s Apple Orchard in Mooresville, In.  Never been?  Here are some tips to make your visit go smoother!

  1. Don’t feel like picking your own apples?  They have fresh picked apples ready to go!  Not only do they have apples, they offer other freshly picked produce and frozen options to store during those winter months!  All available at awesome prices!
  2. Picking your own apples is easy too!  Simply drive to the entrance to the orchard and wait for someone to give you a bag.
  3. After getting your bag, drive through the orchard and pick you favorite apple variety until it’s full!
  4. When your done drive back out through the path you came and wait for someone to collect your money.
  5. Be prepared to open your trunk to assure the employees your not smuggling extra produce 🙂
  6. Don’t leave before visiting the concession stand.  Their apple slushy is simply awesome!!


Thinking of moving to the Indianapolis area?  Check out what properties are available at


Futures So Bright, I’ve Got To Wear Shades!

It has been a long hard road for homeowners, but It was recently reported that home price annual gains jumped to the highest levels since 2006!   Recovery is still on pace and real estate keeps moving in a positive direction!  If you are thinking of listing your home, now is the best time!  See what your home is worth with a free home analysis, today!



Not Just Chatter Anymore!

The recent chatter about rising mortgage rates is now a reality.  National averages went from 3.35% in May 2013 to the most recent report today at 3.81%.  When putting mortgage history in perspective, rates are still unbelievably low and will be for quite some time, even though they may continue to rise!  For instance, in 1981 mortgage rates were up past 18%.  In today’s economic environment, that is hard to even imagine!

With economic improvement, buyers are beginning the hunt and they are finding the market bare.  If you are considering listing your home, now is a really great time!  Buyers that have been sitting on the sidelines are now feeling confident and ready to buy, but they are finding few existing home options! This high demand and low inventory makes it a perfect time to list your home!

So you’ve been considering selling, and now you’re really thinking serious about a change. When listing your home, what should you do first?  Easy as 1,2,3!

  • Day One- Get rid of the clutter.  Free yourself from all the junk and organize what’s left
  • Day Two- Get your records and warranties out and organize them.  If you are selling or buying, financial records and warranties easily available will make the process go smoothly for the seller and buyer
  • Day Three- Curb appeal and Entryway-  Nothing sells a home more than the feeling the buyer gets when walking up and through the front door.  First impressions really do matter

It is an exciting time in real estate, so if you’re considering buying, selling or just have a question, feel free to contact us!


Hot Off The Press!

Employment is just another great indicator that the financial outlook for America keeps moving upward and onward!  Along with improvements in employment, the housing industry is entering its booming season!  Summer months are the busiest time for employees to relocate and begin a new chapter!  Here are some great tips if you are one of those movers and shakers!


If you are thinking of making a move for any reason, now is the time!  Inventory is still short and buyers are willing and ready to see if your home is their new beginning!  So if you are on the fence, just know, it truly is a great time to list your property!  Get your free no obligation market analysis today and don’t forget to see if your dream home is now available!