About Brownsburg, IN

Brownsburg is a town close to downtown Indianapolis, known for its long time residents, was established with an official post office in 1836, receiving its name from one of the first known settlers, James B. Brown.  This town has expanded with new residents and merchants while preserving its roots and long time businesses, such as Mizell’s Barber Shop.

Picture provided by brownsburg-photos.funcityfinder.com
Picture provided by brownsburg-photos.funcityfinder.com

Having the perfect mix of old and new, Brownsburg offers its residents a wholesome life that includes plenty of community activities such as yearly events like Brownsburg’s Fourth of July Extravaganza, Easter Eggs hunts, several parades throughout the year and five different parks with plenty of outdoor activities.

Picture provided by staffweb.brownsburg.k12.in.us
Picture provided by staffweb.brownsburg.k12.in.us

Brownsburg’s true gem is the school system providing its students with several programs to prepare them for a successful life.  If you are looking for a town that is rich in history and community, yet always moving forward, you will love it in Brownsburg!


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