7 Ways to Cut Hot Water Costs

7 Ways to Cut Hot Water Costs

Heating water accounts for a hefty 12 percent of your utility bill. And while new Energy Star-rated appliances can provide excellent savings over older models, investing in new appliances is not always possible on a budget. So try a few of these ideas to save more on your water heating costs:

TAKE SHOWERS INSTEAD OF BATHS. Keep showers short or you could end up using more water and heating energy than had you just filled up the tub.

LOWER TEMPERATURE IN YOUR WATER HEATER TO 120 DEGREES. According to the Department of Energy, every 10 degrees reduction in temperature can save between 3-5 percent on water heating costs.

DON’T LET THE WATER RUN while you brush your teeth or step away from the sink to handle dishes or look for soap. Extra seconds can add up to a lot of wasted heat and water over the course of a year.

USE COLD WATER FOR MOST LAUNDRY LOADS. This will not only save on hot water, but it will also help keep clothes from fading or shrinking.

WASH ONLY FULL LOADS IN DISHWAHSER and choose the short wash cycle. If your dishwasher has a heated drying cycle booster, use it.

FIX LEAKS. According to the American Water Works Association, a faucet with 60 drips per minute wastes an incredible 8.64 gallons per day. Check this drip calculator to see how much your leak will cost you.

REPLACE FAUCETS AND SHOWERHEADS OLDER THAN 1992. That’s when federal regulations started to require that those fixtures have low-flow rates. This small investment can help take 25-60 percent off your bills.

Source: Energy.gov


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