Why sell your home before Spring Break?

Why sell your home before Spring?

  1. Demand is higher now. It is true, there is evidence that there is actually more foot traffic in the weeks prior to Spring. Many people leave town for springbreak.
  2. Less Competition now. Inventory levels are low but slowly rising Selling now with less competition could get you a higher sales price or a quicker sale. Don’t wait for your competition to jump into the market.
  3. Financing may be quicker. The process from contract to closing may be quicker. Spring and summer number of customers could cause delays, even if due to sheer volume alone.
  4. Moving on and up. You may have more equity than you thingk. Yes now is a good time for thinking about your dream home. There has been notable appreciation in real estate recently.
  5. Getting on with life. Have you been waiting to relocate for family? better schools,closer to family, neigbhorhood with more amenities? These changes in lifestyle can add value to and you and your family, Are you ready to get on with new and better life?

For a free, no obligation market analysis on your current home contact Indy’s Home Team, Janice Ruiz, 317.413.7711 or janiceruiz@kw.com .  To search for more listings


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