DIY Drywall Repair

Recently, a new homeowner moved into their new home and noticed the previous owners attempted to fix the drywall throughout the home where pictures of memories once hung.  Unfortunately, it was done wrong and cost the new homeowners unexpected time and money.  When attempting to fix the drywall, the Spackle was applied in a thick coat and then without any other effort, it was left to dry and simply painted over.  This caused a 1/2 inch, at most, drywall repair into a significant spot now needing restoration.  Here are the simple instructions for filling in those pesky holes left from home decor.

Items needed

  • ready-made drywall compound
  • drywall knife or putty knife
  • sandpaper or lightly wet sponge to sand down extra compound
  • paint

How to

  • apply a generous amount of compound using the drywall or putty knife (be sure to apply at an angle to fill in the center of the hole)
  • swipe excess compound and reapply over hole until it looks as if the hole is completely filled
  • let dry
  •  when dry, wet or dry sand the area lightly until compound is even with existing drywall
  • when the compound is dry you will notice it shrink, at this point apply new compound and repeat process
  • when you have a smooth flat surface that blends with the existing wall, it is time to finish with paint

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