Are You A First Time Home Buyer?

Are you considering buying a home for the first time?  If so, and you live in the state of Indiana, you are in luck!  There are first time home buyer programs available that will save you thousands!

Next Home Program

One available program is the “next home program”, where the state of Indiana will give you up to 4% towards your down payment.  To qualify for this program, the buyer must live in the home for 2+ years.  If for some reason you were to move from the property before the 2 year mark, you will need to pay back the amount.  This program is not for those who are wanting to flip a property!

USDA Home Program

This program is available for those purchasing rural housing and allows a purchase with no down payment.  This program is available outside the Indianapolis area and qualified properties must be rural.

VA Loan Program

A VA loan is available for Veterans  This programs allows purchasing property with no down payment or closing costs!

See everything available today in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas!


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