The Home Improvement Trend of 2013 is…..

If you’re a happy homeowner gearing up for another beautiful summer, or the homeowner thinking it’s time for a change and considering selling, spring is in the air and it’s time to get outdoors to start those improvements!  Trending this year is curb appeal, and homeowners are starting with unique changes that reflect their personal character!  More and more people are trying to veer away from the cookie cutter appearance by using colorful siding, a new focal window, or finding individual outdoor decor that sets their home apart.  Another hot trend is finding old antiques, such as hooks and lamps, and refurbishing & incorporating them into existing decor.  Curb appeal is not the only thing trending this season!  Homeowners are also extending their living space to their backyards, transforming them into a private oasis, serving as a getaway from long stressful days.

Whatever your want or need, Indy’s Home Team is your Indianapolis Real Estate connection!


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