Spruce, Save, Sell!

Thinking of putting your house on the market and find your kitchen and bathroom cabinets looking dull or just plain out of date and drab?  Don’t want to spend thousands on remodeling?  Think about painting or staining them!  It’s easy!  Painting will give a whole new look and feel to your home.  You’ll be amazed.  Just follow these easy steps!  This simple idea can turn drab into fab!  No need to remove the entire cabinet for this project either!  Simply apply painters tape on walls edge and bottom of cabinet to avoid painting the wall and underneath parts of cabinets!

A. Remove doors, front of drawers and set hardware aside in a plastic bag.  Apply painters tape to the bottom edge of cabinet fixtures

B. Wash with Pine-Sol to remove any dirt or grime (it’s best to start with a clean slate)

C. Give the surface a quick sand to rough up surface.  This allows the primer to set and will avoid future dings or chips.

D. Wipe surfaces with a wet rag or towel to remove sanding dust

E.  I would do this step using a sturdy bucket as a table.  This will allow you to do the edges easily!  Take a sponge brush and paint primer such as Val-Spar and apply to back of cabinets first.  Follow the grain of the wood for a natural look.  I also would recommend tinting the primer with the color you plan on using for your new look.  This will make your paint go farther.  2 coat minimum

F.  Allow primer to dry.  I would suggest following your primers curing timeline.  I waited 24 hrs. before applying paint.  Flip repeat step on front of cabinet.

G. Next take your paint brush painting the back of the cabinets and drawers first.  Make sure that you don’t leave any drips on the front side.  Allow to dry/cure, flip and repeat for front side.

H. Repeat these steps for the cabinet portion attached to the walls.  When painting the area of cabinet that connects to another cabinet, I recommend using floss to keep the cabinets from looking “painted together”.  Just do this as the problem arises.

I. Get your hardware and re-attach to drawers and doors, then attach back to your wall unit and boom, that’s it!  You now have a completely different look to your cabinets.

Give yourself a pat on the back, a little time and effort and you just saved thousands of dollars!!


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